Manaslu Circuit Trek

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    15 Days
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    2 - Activities
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    Hotel / Guesthouse
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    March, April, May And Sep, Oct, Nov
  • StartsKathmandu, Nepal
  • EndsKathmandu, Nepal

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek 

Manaslu Circuit Trek


Here are the highlights for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Nepal has so many proposals, from cultural excursions to UNESCO sites, wildlife jungle safaris, sunrise view points, and many trekking journey's end. If we were to perfect our exploration based on acceptance and less crowded, Manaslu Circuit Trek tops the exploration list. Manaslu Excursion Trek is a unique starting point where you can trek and enjoy the views of the environments and mountains. The path is motivated to a noiseless surrounding, with scrapes, families, and local villagers.

The Manaslu Circuit Journey lies in the Manaslu Conservation Area (MCA), an endangered area in Nepal. The zone feasts over 1,663 sq. km and is home to several floras, animals, and scarce animals. To sum up, there are about 2,000 types of flowers, 201 kinds of birds, and 11 categories of butterflies. In your system, your strength comes across some wild animals like Musk deer, blue sheep, Himalayan serow, unique eagle, snow bobwhite, and several others.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek (15 days) is an excellent choice. If you are somebody who wants to know the exact attractiveness of Nepal and learn about the Buddhist culture and civilizations, Manaslu Circuit Trek will be the top selection for you.

Package Highlights:

Spectacular Scenery: Even on a shorter trek, you'll be treated to breathtaking Himalayan landscapes, including lush forests, terraced fields, and panoramic mountain views.

Cultural Immersion: The Manaslu region is home to diverse ethnic groups like the Gurungs, Sherpas, and Tibetans. You can interact with locals, visit monasteries, and experience their unique culture and traditions.

Soti Khola: This is typically the starting point of the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It's a charming village situated on the banks of the Budhi Gandaki River. The trek begins with a scenic walk through this village.

Lho and Samagaon: These picturesque villages are known for their Tibetan-influenced culture and stunning views of Manaslu and Ganesh Himal. You can explore ancient monasteries and learn about local traditions.

Manaslu Base Camp: If time allows, consider trekking to Manaslu Base Camp. It's a longer hike but offers breathtaking views of the Manaslu glacier and the surrounding peaks.

Larkya La Pass: If you have a few extra days, you can attempt to cross Larkya La Pass, one of the highest points on the Manaslu Circuit. The views from the pass are absolutely stunning, with vistas of the Manaslu range and beyond.

Hot Springs: Relax in the natural hot springs at Tatopani, which can be a great way to soothe your muscles after days of trekking.

Tea Houses: Experience the unique teahouse culture of Nepal, where you can enjoy warm hospitality, delicious local cuisine, and a cozy place to rest each night.

Local Flora and Fauna: The Manaslu region is rich in biodiversity. Keep an eye out for various wildlife species, including the elusive snow leopard, as well as unique plant life.

Prayer Flags and Mani Walls: Along the trail, you'll encounter colorful prayer flags and intricate mani walls, which are significant elements of Buddhist culture. Take time to appreciate the spiritual significance of these symbols.

Manaslu Circuit Trek's Itinerary

Highest Altitude: 1400mOvernight at KathmanduYou will arrive at Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. This ancient city is generally known for its unique cultures, traditions, and heritage. The medieval town has many temples, palaces, and Malla-era courtyards.Our staff and representative will pick you then transfer you to a hotel. Then, they will brief you about this tour in short. After arriving at the hotel, you will encounter hotel staff members with flower garlands as a means of greeting. Then the staff will help you to check-in at the hotel.The travelers can also take a short tour and pass through the famous streets of the Thamel. You can rest in the evening and plan for your trip the next day.

Highest Altitude: 1400mOvernight: KathmanduAfter breakfast, we will go on a short sightseeing tour of Kathmandu, the ancient city. This incredible city has many medieval landmarks, including temples, palaces, and bihars. There are various UNESCO-listed world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley that are open museums of sorts. These beautiful landmarks provide you with great cultural and historical exploration.Firstly, we will travel to Swayambhunath stupa, located on a hilltop, to observe the gorgeous sunrise. It is also known as a monkey temple as there are many monkeys in this stupa area. You can get the complete views of Kathmandu valley from this stupa viewpoint. Then, we will travel to other religious landmarks of the city, including Pashupatinath and Boudhanath.Pashupatinath is a Hindu pilgrimage site and abode of Lord Shiva, whereas Boudhanath is a beautiful stupa dedicated to Lord Buddha. There are many Thanka galleries, restaurants, cafes, and others nearby Boudha. If time allows, we can then travel to durbar squares in the city, including Basantapur, Patan, and Bhaktapur. Various temples of this city date back to the Malla era period.Since you will not be able to complete a tour of all landmarks of this city, you can select a few places in advance. There are various Newar settlements with unique architecture. You can explore lovely local eateries that provide you with local delicacies. After exploring around these beautiful landmarks, you will return to your hotel, where you can stay overnight.

Sotikhola Altitude: 930mDrive Duration: 8 to 10 hoursOvernight: MachhakholaThe trek begins as you take a short tour drive from Kathmandu to Machhakhola. Today you will drive along various landscapes of the hilly region to arrive at your starting point of this trek.After breakfast, you can prepare for your trip by packing your bags and getting on a bus. We will then head out and follow a scenic trail along Prithvi Highway to arrive at Malekhu. From here, driving through the Trishul river, you head towards Dhading, which is about 30 km away.The travelers will pass through bumpy roads and highways. Following the trail, you will pass through Arughat and reach Gola Bhanjyang. These incredible views of snow-capped mountains, including the Ganesh Himal, Mt. Manaslu, etc., will enchant along the trail.From there, you will drive around various narrow cliffside roads to arrive at Soti Khola. Soti Khola is a beautiful settlement of the region that provides incredible views of snow-capped mountains and other diverse trails along the area. We drive another 1.5-2 hours to reach the Machhakhola. In the evening you can explore the region, and then observe beautiful views of snow-capped mountains.You can take a rest in the lodge after arriving and have dinner. You will rest overnight at the lodge.

Jagat Altitude: 1340mWalking Hours: 6-7 hoursOvernight: JagatYou will start your trek to Jagat from Maccha Khola. After breakfast, you will continue your journey on a gradual uphill trail. You will first cross the Maccha Khola over a suspension bridge. Then, you will take a gentle climb to reach Khola Bensi. Following the trail, you will arrive at Tatopani, a natural hot spring.The challenging route starts from this point along the trail. The forested trail then leads you to Doban, from where you will descend to The Budhi Gandaki river above this village. You will then head towards Lauri over a suspension bridge. An uphill climb later, you will arrive at rice and paddy fields to reach Jagat.Jagat is a traditional village settlement whose name originated from a Sanskrit term of "consciousness." The village settlement was severely damaged by the earthquake of April 2015. However, the trails of this Manaslu Circuit Trek after earthquake have been well restored. Climbers can stay overnight and explore around and staging in local tea houses that provide you food and accommodation.Moreover, the incredible hospitality of local people will enchant you in these local stays. The people dressed in traditional attire and are busy in their rural lifestyle in Jagat Village. But there are internet facilities in Jagat as well. You will stay at a lodge in Jagat.

Deng Altitude: 1860mWalking Hours: 7-8 hoursOvernight at DengThe trail starts with a scenic path from Deng as you trek to Jagat. After having your meal, you will start on your trek. This trail then passes through various points to arrive at riverbanks observing beautiful landscapes of nature. You will then head out and then take an uphill climb before arriving at the level fields.The trail then leads you to Budhi Gandaki river over a suspension bridge. You will then cross the bridge through Filim, which is a large Gurung village. There are various Buddhist stupas, monasteries, chortenns, and prayer flags in this region. After lunch, you will continue your trek.We will pass through various flora and fauna of the region, including pines and Rhododendrons. The trails lead you to Deng, where you will get the best views of the snow-capped mountains of the area. There are various suspension bridges and dense forests along the trail that will enchant any travelers.Deng is another incredible village settlement from where you will get magical views of snow-capped mountains. You will get to explore the region's cultural landscapes, including the local tradition and lifestyle. You will spend the night at a Deng tea-house.

Namrung Altitude: 2630mWalking Hours: 5-6 hoursOvernight at NamrungYou will start your trek towards Namrung from Deng. You will have your meal and then continue your journey to various landscapes of the region. The winding path will take you to various small village settlements from Deng.After trekking on a trail that takes you uphill and downhill, we will reach the log bridge. After the bridge crossing, you will arrive at an isolated watermill. From this point, you will descend to Bihi Phedi. You will descend and cross the Serang Khola on a small bridge.There are winding routes that will take you to basalt walls. You will pass through the maze and wheat fields, as there are small waterfalls in the region. The northeastern trails widen the valley as there is a beautiful river that you will cross through a suspension bridge.You will arrive at Ghap, after crossing a bridge. From there, you will pass through the lush green forest with rhododendrons and pine trees. Then the trail descends above the river, as you will trek alongside the north bank. After crossing the river and walking alongside the banks, you will arrive at Namrung.This incredible Tibetan village is also the gateway to Upper Nupri. You will spend the night at Namrung teahouse. This part of the trek takes you to an entire rural territory with a chance to observe the traditional and ancient local culture. The culture in the region is relatively well influenced by Tibetan culture as you can watch various landmarks in Mani walls, chortens, and others.

Lho Altitude: 3180mWalking Hours: 6-7 hoursOvernight at LhoThe trail on this day passes through beautiful scenic landscapes along the Mani stone wall to arrive near Lho. You will then pass through the hillside to the ridge, and there you can observe Pungen Glacier. The trail also provides you majestic views of snow-capped mountains, including Peak 29, Mount Manaslu, and up-close views of the glacier from the lateral moraine look outstanding as well.After exploring around, you will trek back to Lho and stay the night at a tea house in Lho. It is a village settlement with a large Gompa, where more than 150 children study primary education and Buddhist philosophy. The Gompa and school hostel remain located on the hill slope. The hilltop provides you with majestic and probably the best views of Mount Manaslu.Trekkers can also observe its twin "fishtail" peaks. Manaslu looks incredibly beautiful, especially during sunrise. When compared to sunset, the morning glow shines on its top. You can get the awe-inspiring views from the viewpoint above Gompas, and you don't even have to climb all the hilltops.

Samagoun Altitude: 3500mWalking Hours: 6-7 hoursOvernight at SamagaonThe trail today takes you from Samahaon to Namrung. You will walk through a forested path and then some barley fields. After some time, you will arrive at Lihi observing magical views of snow-capped mountains, including Ganesh Himal and Himal Chuli. You will descend along the trails to enter a beautiful valley and cross over the Hinang Khola.You will then do a steep climb in the Chortens to get the best views of Ngadi Chuli. We will trek further for some time to arrive at Lho, a Gurung village. There is a beautiful large monastery called "Ribung Monastery." From here, we will descend to Damodar Khola.You will then trek further to Shyala village and cross the Numla Khola over a suspension bridge. A gentle trail uphill will take you to the Pungyen Gompa. Following the trail, we will trek to various points to arrive at Samagaon. You will stay at a Samagaon teahouse.

Highest Altitude: 3500mWalking Hours: 1-2 hoursOvernight at SamagaonAfter having your meal in Samagaon, you will begin your rest and acclimatization. The trek acclimatization does not mean you will stay idle. But you will trek for some duration, even on these days. You will remain in Samagaon and explore these beautiful landscapes.You can then visit various monasteries in the region, including Labrang Gompa and Kargya Chholing Monastery. Besides that, you can also hike till Pungyen Gompa. The breathtaking views of Mt. Manaslu, Pungyen Glacier, and Nadi River will enchant all travelers.You can go on a cultural exploration of the region. After traveling around these beautiful locations and acclimatizing yourself to high-altitude conditions, you can return to your stay and rest for the evening. Several tea houses cater to trekkers and climbers. The monks also conduct pujas for expedition teams before their climb.This prayer gets performed for the mountain deities to have safe travel and journey. Samagaon is a beautiful region with a moraine ridge, juniper hillsides, grassy moorland, rhododendron forests. There is a flat bouldery river valley that you can explore around Samagaon.

Samdo Altitude: 3860mWalking Hours: 3-4 hoursOvernight at SamdoThis trail on this day starts from Samagaon to Samdo. Your trek begins on a descending path to Budhi Gandaki along the base camp trail. Then the trail passes through juniper trees before descending to a wooden bridge.You will cross the bridge and then do a steep climb to a ridge. Then, we will walk through various barren lands observing majestic views of snow-capped mountains, including Samdo peak, Dharamsala, Manaslu, Siachen Glacier, etc. These incredible trails then lead you to Samdo, where you will stay for the night.The local people are busy in their activities performing traditional practices and Tibetan Buddhist culture. It also used to be the route for the Himalayan caravan trade. You will have a great experience of this mountain settlement area under the shadow of Mount Manaslu.

Dharmasala Altitude: 4480mWalking Hours: 4-5 hoursOvernight at DharamsalaThe trail today passes through various landscapes to arrive at from Dharamsala to Samdo. Travelers will trail past barren fields and cross the Budhi Gandaki river to arrive at Dharamsala.This trail then leads you to the Larkya bazaar from where you reach Pana Danda Valley. From the trail, we will pass through grassy slopes to Syacha Khola Valley. The magical views of snow-capped mountains and Syacha Glacier from this viewpoint are pretty awe-inspiring.From this route, you will then head towards Larkya Glacier and then reach Dharamsala. You will get the best views of snow-capped mountains, including Larke and Naike peaks, from this viewpoint. You will spend the night in Dharamsala.

Larkya Pass Altitude: 5106mBimthang Altitude: 3720 mWalking Hours: 7-8 hoursOvernight at BimtangThe trail on this day passes through various landscapes, including Larkya La Pass, to arrive at Bumthang. It is also the highest point in this trek, and you will continue your uphill walk to reach Larkya La Pass. A gradual uphill climb then will pass through the valley to arrive at the frozen lakes.Then glacial moraine provides you with magical views of Pawar peak and Larke Peak. After hiking in this beautiful region for a few hours, you will arrive at Larkya La pass. You can observe the magical views of snow-capped mountains, including the Himlung pyramid, Cheo Himal, Kang Garu, Gyaji Kung, and others.The trail passes through the Budhi Gandaki River to arrive at our destination of Larkya-La (5,106 m). From Larke-La, you can observe awe-inspiring views of Mt. Annapurna II (7,937m) and other snowy peaks. This incredible journey is quite a highlight of this trek as it tantalizes natural scenery.The trail also passes through rural villages, glacial lakes, rare and endangered wildlife, lush valleys, and snowy mountains. Cho Danda and Larkya Peak look magical from the Larkya Glacier. Annapurna II, Cheo Himal, Himlung Himal, and Mount Manaslu are other mountains you can observe from this viewpoint. The day you reach the highest point, Larkya La is one of the best moments of this trek.You will spend some time exploring the region and then descend the trails. Following the winding paths, we will reach Dingboche Kharka. You will trek further to arrive at Bimthang. Bimthang village settlement provides you incredible views of Kechakyu Himal and Manaslu. Moreover, Samdo village settlers come here during winters. It is also a trading point. You will spend time in Bimthang.

Tilije Altitude: 1860 mWalking Hours: 7-8 hoursOvernight at DharapaniThe trail today passes through various landscapes of the region to arrive at Bhimthang from Dharapani. The tracks then descend and cross a stony glacier before finally ascending from a moraine. The trails then lead you through the dense forests of the region.This route will provide you with majestic views of Manaslu, Larke, Nadi, and Chuli Himal. Then you will descend and reach Karcher via Sangura Kharka and Hompuk. The trails then pass through fields and climb uphill to arrive at Gho. The trail takes you to Tilje, passing through Marsyangdi valley.It is a beautiful village settlement in the Manaslu region that provides you with the best views of snow-capped mountains. There are various small settlements, and people in the area are generally busy farming and animal rearing. You can find them looking after their freezing sheep and engaged in their traditional lifestyle.After breakfast, you will pass through a small ridge and other natural diverse trails along enjoy the stone-paved course. You will then cross over Dudh Khola through the suspension bridge and climb a chorten-shaped arch. You will then pass the top wall and the beautiful Thonje village.There is a police checkpoint in the town as you trail ahead to Dharapani. The city remains located in the Annapurna circuit for many trekkers. From Dharapani, you can observe the snow-capped mountains of the region. The trail then takes you around Dharapani, where you will stay overnight at a teahouse.

Kathmandu Altitude: 1400mDrive Hours: 8-10 hoursOvernight at KathmanduThis Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary comes to an end in Dharapani as you will take a scenic drive to Kathmandu. Its is diret road from Dharapani -Besishar which might takes about 4 hours drive. Its paved road from Besishar onward journey. After having a healthy breakfast, we will tip our guides and porter and then board a private Jeep to Kathmandu. Following the trail, we will take the route through Prithvi highway to Kathmandu.After arriving in Kathmandu, we will stay overnight at a hotel. You can also explore the city and its beautiful landmarks in the evening. You can also experience the fantastic nightlife clubs and pubs in Thamel. You can also go souvenir shopping for your family and friends back home. After having a meal early in the morning, we will continue our journey with a scenic drive to Kathmandu from Dharapani.This incredible trekking journey passes through various scenic trails, including natural diversities of green hills, mountain valleys, vast meadows, and deep mountain valleys. This beautiful journey along Prithvi Highway takes around 8-10 hours to complete. You will stay overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu after your arrival.

Our staff representative will help you transfer you to the airport from your hotel. You can then board a flight back to your desired destination.


What's Included

  • Airport pick up and drop off by private tourist vehicle
  • Kathmandu to Arughat and from Besishahar to Kathmandu private car/jeep
  • Breakfast ,Lunch and Dinner During the trek including 3 cup of hot tea per day
  • Annapurna Conservation Area permit fee
  • Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) card
  • Manaslu special trekking permit
  • 3 nights accommodation in Kathmandu at (Sampada garden hotel)
  • Experienced and licensed trekking guide
  • 1 porter for a group of 2 persons
  • All Government taxes
  • Free trekking map, Mountain Hiking  T-shirt and sleeping bag, down jacket
  • Welcome dinner with typical nepali culture programs
  • Trip certificate after complete the trek

What's Excluded

Meals in during you stay in Kathmandu and pokhara

Nepal entry visa fee

Any personal expenses such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, mineral water, laundry, internet,   phone call

Expenses incurred due to unavoidable events i.e. road wrecks, flight delays etc.

Tips for Guide & Porters


Free cancellation up to 60 days before after that deposit is nonrefundable

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- Excellent
Mr. John Doe
United States of America (the), Texas

Exceeding Expectations at Every Turn

From the majestic views to the luxurious lodges, everything about this trek was exceptional. Luxury Holidays Nepal ensured a memorable and comfortable journey.

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Date: 17th Jan 2024

- Excellent
Mr. John Doe
United States of America (the), Texas

Exceeding Expectations at Every Turn

From the majestic views to the luxurious lodges, everything about this trek was exceptional. Luxury Holidays Nepal ensured a memorable and comfortable journey.

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Date: 17th Jan 2024

- Excellent
Mr. John Doe
United States of America (the), Texas

Exceeding Expectations at Every Turn

From the majestic views to the luxurious lodges, everything about this trek was exceptional. Luxury Holidays Nepal ensured a memorable and comfortable journey.

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Date: 17th Jan 2024

- Excellent
Mr. John Doe
United States of America (the), Texas

Exceeding Expectations at Every Turn

From the majestic views to the luxurious lodges, everything about this trek was exceptional. Luxury Holidays Nepal ensured a memorable and comfortable journey.

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Date: 17th Jan 2024

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